The Homeland Union. 2012 Lithuanian parliament election’s campaign

In 2008 the Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats had to rescue Lithuanian economy in a face of global economic crisis. The steps were raising taxes and cutting salaries. After 4 years the country’s economy is booming again, and work of the party is appreciated by the economists all over the world. But not by the voters of 2012 parliament election. The polls have revealed that voters have more sympathy for the opposition with unrealistic promises of brighter tomorrow. 
The idea was simple. If we want to convince we’ll do great things in the future, we need to explain what we already did in the past. And we were pretty confident in the previous works of the Homeland union. Campaign slogan: “We’ve achieved a lot. Let’s continue!”
We launched a project “200 Jobs”
It was a huge and colorful pixel-art project, showing long list of works by the Homeland Union.
Users kept pressing “I support this project” button and the opinion of voters started to shift. We actively engaged in social networks by spreading the message with content like info graphics and even comics. Public loved it.
Then it was project‘s “Your Views” turn
The user had to make a test to find out if his values are the same to political parties. We believed that family, independence and patriotism are the common values for everybody. So did the voters. 
The project “Who will continue the work?”
Later we launched ironic project exposing unrealistic promises and the dirty backgrounds of the opposition parties.
The final step
It was animation ad which showed the Homeland Union as a captain of a ship who saves the boat in a stormy sea.
The results?
Well, the pre-election polls showed no mercy for the party, but with our step after step guidance people understood that all the hard work the Homeland Union has made was useful and it must be continued. The party won 33 places in the parliament. It was beyond expectations. We were glad to hear that “you took Lithuanian election campaign to the next level. Once again.”