Quadrum business city website

New Quadrum website is a presentation type project offering all-around experience of a soon to build business city. The savvy boutique office at the heart of a prime central business hub on the right side of Neris river can be exposed online at present.
HTML5 video player was used in a presentation of Vilnius skyscrapers’ panorama. The video was done from photos using camera mapping technology and adding 3D animation.
Alongside with video presentation, 360 look around and view from the office window, the potential customer can get close to reality feeling of their future office right now. Visualizations were used as the main element of business city online presentation. Gaumina successfully took a challenge placing visuals on the major part of the screen doesn’t matter what device or screen size the costumer is using.
To be completed in few years, these aesthetically designed office towers provide an inspiring working environment as well as state-of-the-art technology features. The Quadrum will be home to a many modern Lithuanian companies.
In a construction of Quadrum business center the latest technologies will be used seeking comfort for future office users. On our side, in a construction of the website Gaumina attempted to enlighten all the essential benefits of new office concept. Multifunctionality; Location; Sustainability; Planning of office; Inner Yard and Parking – different visuals and techniques were used in each section, positioning multiple elements for better user experience online.