Homeland union party

Politicians are somewhat similar to Santa Claus – nobody believes in them anymore. People find it hard to indentify themselves with countless promises made by different parties and it was the problem we needed to solve during the 2011 Vilnius city municipal elections. Instead of portraying new baseless pledges we wanted to present citizens with something real and trustworthy - an approved strategy plan for Vilnius for 2011-2020. The elections is all about choosing so we really wanted voters to choose what is important for them. We made a tool enabling users to prioritize strategy plan projects for themselves.

No promises - only real actions:
Lithuanian conservative party won 10 seats to Vilnius municipality board.
Golden Hammer, 2011, Silver
White Square, 2011, 1st place in Non-commercial Sites
White Square, 2011, 3rd place in Media-projects for internet, inc. social network
White Square, 2011, Special prize for best contact with target audience